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Martin Lindquist: Statistical analysis of fMRI data

Statistical analysis of fMRI data

Martin Lindquist, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University

Understanding the brain is arguably among the most complex, important and challenging issues in science today. Neuroimaging is an umbrella term for an ever-increasing number of minimally invasive techniques designed to study the brain. These include a variety of rapidly evolving technologies for measuring brain properties, such as structure, function and disease pathophysiology. These technologies are currently being applied in a vast collection of medical and scientific areas of inquiry. This talk briefly discusses some of the critical issues involved in neuroimaging data analysis (NDA). This includes problems related to image reconstruction, registration, segmentation, and shape analysis. In addition, we will discuss various statistical models for conducting group analysis, connectivity analysis, brain decoding, and the analysis of multi-modal data. We conclude with discussing some open research problems in NDA.

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