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John Landsverk: Emerging design issues in dissemination and implementation research

Emerging design issues in dissemination and implementation research

John Landsverk, Ph.D.
Oregon Social Learning Center

Over the last decade, dissemination and implementation research has made great progress as a field but must still be considered a an emerging science in terms of conceptual models, design and measurement issues, and the building of a set of coherent substantive findings.  This presentation will provide an overview of design issues in the emerging field, going forward from the chapter on "Design and Analysis in Dissemination and Implementation Research,led by Landsverk, Brown and colleagues that was published in 2012 in the edited volume Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health: Translating Science to Practice (edited by Brownson, Colditz, and Proctor.  The presentation will overview the continuing issue of randomization in D&I research, the development of hybrid designs, the development in Consort 2010 of extensions to cluster randomized designs, pragmatic trials, in-inferiority and equivalence trials, and how these relate to the possible development of a consort extension to implementation designs, and two emerging issues related to the sustainment stage in implementation science and the emerging issue of designing evaluations for the rapid improvement of psychosocial interventions, especially with translation of such interventions into new technology platforms.