Ce-PIM Qualifying Grant: Sustainment Study
Measuring Sustainment in Prevention Programs and Initiatives

Principal Investigator: Lawrence Palinkas
Institution: University of Southern California

Funding Agency: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Grant Number: R34 DA0375160

This NIDA funded R34 is examining sustainment in four SAMHSA prevention projects: Strategic Prevention Framework State Initiative Grants, Drug Free Communities/STOP Act, Garrett Lee Smith State Suicide Prevention Program, and Prevention Practices in Schools. The goal of this project is to identify and support both the unique requirements for improving sustainability for each program, and for developing a generalizeable framework comprised of core components of sustainability across diverse prevention approaches. Based on an examination of grantees supported by these four programs, we are developing a flexible measurement system for sustainability, with both general and specific components, that can bring precision to monitoring the structures and processes for sustaining each prevention approach.  We will then transform this measurement system into a format that can be used to evaluate and improve the likelihood of program sustainment after federal funding ends.