Ce-PIM Qualifying Grant: RADAR
Multilevel Influences on HIV and Substance Abuse Use in a
YMSM Cohort

Principal Investigator: Brian Mustanski
Institution: Northwestern University

Funding Agency: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Grant Number: U01 DA03693902


The RADAR project builds a longitudinal dyadic-network cohort of 1200 diverse young men who have sex with men (YMSM) to understand the interplay of HIV and substance use. The project utilizes a multilevel research design that incorporates biological, dyadic, and network components to provide an unprecedented view into HIV transmission epidemiology. Cohort members are assessed every 6 months on individual behavior and risk, relationship and sexual partner characteristics, social, sexual, and drug-using network, and receive multiple biological assessments (drug and STI testing and banking of plasma and DNA). This project is especially innovative because of the strength of the network data captured. Interviewer-assisted, touch screen network interviews are administered at each observation.

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