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Mission: To reach, teach, and inspire innovations in prevention science and implementation science methodology at a national and international level.

Directed by Dr. C. Hendricks Brown

Funding Agency: NIH Office of Disease Prevention
Grant Number: P30DA027828-07S1

About PSMG

The Prevention Science and Methodology Group is a virtual network of more than 600 empirical researchers and methodologists
aimed to advance the field of prevention science and support the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs.

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In 1996, Dr. Hendricks Brown started PSMG. From 2010-2016, PSMG was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (R01 MH040859 22-27). In 2017, PSMG received funding from the NIH’s Office of Disease Prevention, through a supplement to the NIDA-funded Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology for Drug Abuse and HIV (Ce-PIM), to expand the reach of PSMG to include public audiences.

With consistent NIH support, PSMG has hosted a dozen cross-site meetings of NIH Prevention Centers, delivered more than 200 virtual presentations, and its members have developed over 100 publications in prevention methodology. Its critical role in developing the field of prevention science has been noted in the National Academy of Medicine consensus report on prevention science, calling PSMG a major interdisciplinary network of "prevention scientists conducting cutting-edge randomized trials and expert methodologists who are committed to addressing the key design and analysis problems in prevention research".

With this new funding to support PSMG as an open-access resource, PSMG now serves as a major networking and dissemination arm of Ce-PIM. We are providing free access to past and current PSMG grand round presentations. Check out the PSMG Archive to view these presentations!

PSMG Dinner 2018

We had a great turnout for our 2018 PSMG Dinner held at SPR in Washington, DC!

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PSMG Virtual
Grand Rounds


The PSMG Virtual Grand Rounds are conducted virtually over the internet, allowing the audience to view, question, and comment live from their own computer with leading scientists and methodologists at no cost. While access to live presentations is restricted to PSMG members, you can easily become a member today! In addition, PSMG presentations are recorded and will be publicly accessible on our website after the presentation date.

The 2018-2019 year of PSMG will run from September to May with presentations on Tuesdays from 12:00pm-1:30pm Central. Presentations will cover various topics, including personalized medicine, suicide prevention, implementation science, and complex data. See our first two months of scheduled presentations below!

If you would like join live presentations, please see below for details on becoming a PSMG Member.

Mailchimp Condensed Grand Rounds Schedule (nearly final)

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PSMG Membership

Membership is free and informal. Become a member of the PSMG community today by signing up for our weekly programming!

PSMG Leadership Team


C. Hendricks Brown, PhD




Tatiana Perrino
Lee Van Horn
Gregory Lee Phillips II
Juned Siddique
J.D. Smith
Tom Valente

Wouter Vermeer
Peter Wyman
Mark McGovern
Nanette Benbow
Ahnalee Brincks
Inger Burnett-Zeigler

Eric Brown
Gracelyn Cruden
George Howe
Booil Jo
David MacKinnon
Bengt Muthén