PSMG is now on Twitter @NU_PSMG - Please follow Today!


On Wednesday, February 21st, PSMG made it's debut on Twitter! In only a week, PSMG now has 91 followers and is following 410 individuals! 

Twitter has already proven itself a great platform to support PSMG's mission to reach, teach, and inspire innovations in prevention science and implementation science methodology at a national and international level.

By following @NU_PSMG you will stay up to date on upcoming PSMG presentations, learn about our past PSMG presentations, and get connected to experts in the fields of prevention science and implementation methods.

PSMG serves as a major networking and dissemination resource in the fields of prevention research and implementation science. PSMG Membership is free and informal, but includes several benefits including access to live weekly presentations, weekly newsletters, and networking opportunities with leaders in the fields of implementation methodology, prevention research, and innovative statistical methods.

Follow @NU_PSMG on Twitter to get updates on upcoming PSMG presentations and additions of past PSMG presentations to the archive.