PSMG Virtual Grand Rounds resume today at 12pm CT with Dr. Susan Murphy of Harvard University

Susan Murphy, Ph.D.
Professor of Statistics & Radcliffe Alumnae Professor
Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

Professor of Computer Science,
John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Mobile devices along with wearable sensors facilitate our ability to deliver supportive treatments anytime and anywhere. Indeed mobile interventions are being developed and employed across a variety of health fields, including to support HIV medication adherence, encourage physical activity and healthier eating as well as to support recovery in addictions. A critical question in the optimization of mobile health interventions is: "When and in which contexts, is it most useful to deliver treatments to the user?" This question concerns time-varying dynamic moderation by the context (location, stress, time of day, mood, ambient noise, etc.) of the effectiveness of the treatments on user behavior. In this talk we discuss the micro-randomized trial design and associated data analyses for use in assessing moderation. We illustrate this approach with the micro-randomized trial of HeartSteps, a physical activity mobile intervention.

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About PSMG:

Ce-PIM‘s Prevention Science and Methodology Group (PSMG) is a virtual network of more than 480 empirical researchers and methodologists aimed to advance the field of prevention science and support the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs. The PSMG grand rounds are now conducted virtually over the internet, allowing the members to view, question, and comment live from their own computer with leading scientists and methodologists at no cost. Access to live presentations is restricted to PSMG members. However, PSMG presentations are recorded and will be publicly accessible on our website two weeks after the presentation date on the archive page.

The PSMG will host sessions devoted specifically to HIV Prevention (chaired by Nanette Benbow and Gregory Phillips) as well as Implementation Science (chaired by J D Smith), Agent-Based Modeling (chaired by Wouter Vermeer), and Innovations in Research Designs (chaired by Booil Jo).

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