The Prevention Science & Methodology Group’s Virtual Grand Rounds archive is now available!

The Prevention Science & Methodology Group Archive provides a wealth of information by top researchers in Implementation Methods, Prevention Science & much more. With consistent NIH support, PSMG has hosted more than 200 virtual presentations. Its critical role in developing the field of prevention science has been noted in the National Academy of Medicine consensus report on prevention science, calling PSMG a major interdisciplinary network of "prevention scientists conducting cutting-edge randomized trials and expert methodologists who are committed to addressing the key design and analysis problems in prevention research". 

With new funding to support PSMG as a valuable open-access resource, PSMG now serves as a major networking and dissemination arm of Ce-PIM. As part of this exciting transition, we are providing free access to past PSMG grand round presentations to the public. 

The archive contains presentations by top researchers on various topics such as:

  • HIV Prevention,
  • Implementation Methods,
  • Complexity,
  • Personalized Medicine, and
  • Longitudinal Data

the PSMG Presentation archive currently includes the presentations from the 2016-2017 series.  However, it is a living organism and we are working to expand the resource at both ends: uploading new weekly presentations from this year as well as working backward in time to deepen the available presentations. 

Visit the archive page for more information and to explore this exciting resource here >>