Ce-PIM Researchers Nanette Benbow & Carlos Gallo receive a Linzer Grant for Faculty Innovation in Diversity & Equity

Earlier this month Ce-PIM researchers Nanette Benbow and Carlos Gallo received a Daniel I. Linzer award for developing a Northwestern Center for Latino(a) Health Disparity Research. Hector Carrillo from the Sociology Department within Weinberg College also received the award along with them.

Funds will be used to plan and host a conference of local and national experts on Latino(a) health and the social determinants of health. Results from the conference will be summarized in a report describing the current research and potential future directions for a Latino(a)-focused research center exploring innovative approaches to promote health equity. 

The Daniel I. Linzer Awards for Faculty Excellence in Diversity and Equity is annually awarded from Northwestern's Office of the Provost and aim to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable climate on campus. Since their inception in 2017, the grants and awards have provided nearly $350,000 to initiatives that enhance diversity across the spectrum, including race, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, age and political affiliation.