Announcing the Fall 2017 PSMG presentation lineup on HIV prevention

PSMG Fall 2017
Topic Session: HIV Prevention

Session Chairs:
Nanette Benbow & Gregory Phillips II

PSMG Virtual Grand Rounds

PSMG grand rounds are conducted virtually over the internet, allowing participants to view, question, and comment with leading scientists and methodologists, at no cost, live from their own computer. Access to live presentations is restricted to PSMG members. However, PSMG presentations are recorded and will be publicly accessible in the PSMG Archive two weeks after the presentation date.

About PSMG

The Prevention Science and Methodology Group is a virtual network of more than 450 empirical researchers and methodologists aimed to advance the field of prevention science and support the implementation of evidence-based prevention programs. In 2017, PSMG received funding from the NIH’s Office of Disease Prevention, through a supplement to the NIDA-funded Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology for Drug Abuse and HIV (Ce-PIM).

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