Our Vision

 Improving population health through implementation science

Ce-PIM envisions a world where implementation science is used to fulfill the promise of Health for All. To carry out our vision, we pay special attention to addressing disparities by developing implementation methods that improve the health of minorities and underserved communities.

Our Mission

To increase knowledge, development, application, dissemination, and sustainment of innovative and rigorous implementation science methods and tools among researchers and public health practitioners to prevent HIV and drug abuse.

Ce-PIM is a national resource in the emerging field of implementation science, specifically in developing and applying implementation methodology to prevent HIV transmission and drug abuse. The methods developed by Ce-PIM improve the implementation of evidence-based interventions into service systems by measuring, modeling, and testing implementation strategies. While we apply these implementation methods to the prevention of HIV transmission and drug abuse, they are of general applicability to the challenges that researchers, policy makers, and practitioners face in scaling up evidence-based interventions in all areas of health and medicine.

Our Aims

As the only NIH center fully focused on methodology development for the field of implementation science, Ce-PIM aims to:

  1. Develop innovative methods to maximize the impact of implementation research in HIV and drug abuse prevention.

  2. Apply these innovative methods to close the gap between existing research, policy, and practice for HIV and drug abuse prevention.

  3. Disseminate methods and mentor leaders at the intersection of the fields of HIV prevention, drug abuse prevention, and implementation science to improve implementation of prevention programs.