Ce-PIM Qualifying Grant: ele[men]t
Understanding Substance Use and Incident HIV/STD Among Young Black MSM

Principal Investigators: Eli Rosenberg & Patrick Sullivan
Institution: Emory University

Funding Agency: National Institute on Drug Abuse
Grant Number: R01 DA038196


Ele[men]t is an observational cohort study of young black men who have sex with men (MSM) in Atlanta. This study addresses drug use and community factors that contribute to the huge disparity in HIV risk faced by young black MSM. It involves a prospective cohort study of 300 HIV-negative young black MSM. Participants are asked to complete a detailed computer-based questionnaire and receive HIV testing and counseling along with STI and substance use testing. The information collected is used to understand prospective patterns of biomarkers-supported substance use in young black MSM, as well as their sexual networks, and HIV risk.

This work will provide data for agent-based modeling to identify potential implementation strategies for prevention and intervention programs.

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