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ISGMH Network Canvas Open House on the CONNECT & EDIT Programs

Tuesday, March 27
11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Room 14-039
625 N Michigan Ave, Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60611

Lunch will be provided



An NIH/NIDA funded project (R01 DA042711), led by Drs. Michelle Birkett and Gregory Phillips in the CONNECT and EDIT Programs at ISGMH, is building an interviewer-supported touchscreen application for personal network data capture called Network Canvas.

Health researchers are increasingly interested in collecting social network data to better understand the drivers of health and disease in different populations, but doing so presents numerous methodological challenges. The Network Canvas software aims to minimize these challenges by providing researchers a flexible, user-friendly tool that allows them to design bespoke interview protocols, deploy their protocols through a cross-platform responsive app, and securely store and export collected data on a back-end graph database. Informed by user-centered design principles, the software allows for quick and accurate capture of data from study participants about themselves and the people and places with whom they interact using a series of touchscreen interfaces. Researchers will be able to easily navigate all three components of the suite, regardless of technical expertise, and leverage the social, relational and geospatial data they collect in near real-time to assess more nuanced associations between contextual factors and the spread of infectious disease.

At the Open House, attendees will be able to:

  • Interact with the current version of the software on a variety of touchscreen devices
  • View a demo led by key project personnel
  • Ask questions about the software design and data collection methodology
  • Preview mockups of forthcoming functionality.

Event details also available on ISGHM's site here. 

Read more about Network Canvas here.