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David Chambers: Adaptomes, learning systems, and convergence: Exploring frontiers in dissemination and implementation research

David Chambers, Ph.D.
NIH National Cancer Institute

In the developing field of dissemination and implementation research, we have long focused on the assumption that the evidence base for interventions is pre-determined, and that the primary goal of the field is to maximize uptake of these “fixed” interventions. And yet we know that often large gaps exist in our understanding of how these evidence-based programs fit with the diverse group of populations, settings and individual needs. While adaptation of interventions has long been studied to improve fit, the research findings are primarily captured from efficacy and effectiveness trials. Dissemination and implementation research remains underutilized in expanding our knowledge of adaptation. This talk will discuss assumptions inherent in our research process that limit progress in this area, as well as introduce other areas for which the next generation of studies could make significant impact.