What is PSMG?

The Prevention Science & Methodology Group (PSMG) is a network of prevention scientists and methodologists who are working to:

  • Build the field of prevention science
  • Provide the scientific base required for effective implementation of proven prevention programs, especially those focusing on mental health and substance abuse outcomes

PSMG creates publications and manuscripts, statistical software, and training materials including web-based and traditional videos.

What are PSMG's goals?


Development of scientific designs and analyses for evaluating prevention programs. Methodological tools specific to prevention are needed in order to assess the impact on distal as well as proximal outcomes and to determine whether the prevention program is being delivered to maximize benefit relative to cost.

Development of a core set of principles, perspectives, and case studies that guide the evolution, implementation, and community acceptance of effective prevention programs. PSMG is interested in all steps of the prevention intervention research cycle, from basic etiologic studies to efficacy trials, to effectiveness trials, and to eventual implementation of prevention programs.


Enhancement of collaborative research and training. In partnership with NIMH sponsored Prevention Research Centers and other funded research groups, PSMG sponsors national conferences or workshops, develops training programs in prevention methodology, and provides a broad base of tools for distance research; that is, workgroups comprised of researchers working interactively at different locations.